Peerless Handcuffs

SETTING THE STANDARD SINCE 1914 Finding safe and reliable handcuffs can be challenging, but PSP Corp has made it simpler by supplying a comprehensive range of Peerless Handcuffs in Canada. Peerless Handcuff Company is a leading provider of robust handcuffs, giving law enforcement better protection and safety during detainee transport. Peerless Handcuffs are designed for high-risk prisoner restraint, meaning law enforcement can have greater confidence in their resistance to force and impact.  PSP Corp’s selection of Peerless Handcuffs meets and exceeds all necessary standards set by the United States National Institute of Justice Standards on strength and quality, meaning you’ll be investing in high-quality handcuffs You’ll find an array of handcuff types, from standard wrist handcuffs to waist chain handcuffsprisoner transport chains and high-security leg irons. We even supply dual restraints for high-security purposes, providing detainees and law enforcement professionals with more robust protection.  PSP Corp is a leading provider of tactical gear and protective equipment for law enforcement, corrections, medical and military facilities, providing only high-quality products from leading brands. You’ll find an extensive range of tactical gear on our website, including body cams and restraints. Shop online with us today if you’re looking for Peerless handcuffs in Canada, and for all your tactical gear needs, or contact our tactical experts for more information on our quality products.