201 - Non-Locking Bed Restraints in Leather or Polyurethane

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Non-locking 201 leather bed restraints are constructed as a one piece item that will fit a variety of beds for juvenile to adult populations. The time-tested basic design assures easy application.

Use with Humane Restraint’s disposable fleece liners FWL-200 (Wrist) and FAL-200 (Ankle) for additional comfort. May be used with CBR-101 for 5th and 6th points. We can also customize the restraints to fit your bed.

Improved Generation 4 & 5 Polyurethane for easier glide belt sand a softer, more supple cuff.

Polyurethane 201 bed restraints possess the benefits of the leather restraints with additional features. Generation 4 and 5polyurethane enhances patient comfort and staff's ease of use.

Advantages of this unique product are that it is durable, won't stretch or shrink, and cleans quickly and easily. Color coded for quick visual identification wristlets are blue and anklets aregreen.

Remember, "Raise your hands to the blue sky and walkon the green grass." Use with Humane Restraint's disposable fleece liners FWL-200 (Wrist) and FAL-200 (Ankle) for additionalcomfort. May be used with CBR-101-POLY for 5th and 6th points.