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Argentino Suit Indispensable in psychiatric
environments, emergency units, prisons, detention centers or long term care units.
The Argentino suit has been created with the purpose of offering more comfort and versatility than the other contention suits available now.

Comfort : Argentino suits allow a face up or face down position on a bed. Actual use has shown that patients are so relaxed that they tend to fall asleep in the suit. In addition, the suit provides generous limb movement and easy blood circulation.

Security : Almost every part of the body can be
released simply by opening one of the zippers. Limbs can be released one at a time and, in case of emergency, the four quick release buckles can be activated within one minute. The full length zippers open even more quickly.

Quality : The Argentino suit is made of top quality, hypoallergenic nylon mesh which is both soft to the touch and strongly enduring. The Argentino suit is light, comfortable, easy to put on, to remove and to wash.


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