Long Sleeve Vest by Argentino

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The Argentino long-sleeved vest was developed to meet the needs of
ambulatory patients. Tear-resistant tube inserts for the sleeves provide the patients with limited mobility while protecting both the patient and others in his environment. The vest is made of 100% hypoallergenic mesh nylon making it light and comfortable. The straps that tie the waist to the wrists prevent movement of the arms.


The two waist buckles have safety covers which prevent the patients from accessing them. The pelvic piece prevents patients from lifting the vest over their head. The buckle system, used on the long-sleeved vest, is the same system found on all of our products.


This product is used in environments where patients are either self mutilating or picking up objects from the ground and/or environment and eating said objects.


The Long Armed Vest has a magnetic fixation points allowing the arms to be brought closer or further from the waist. 


Since 1989 Argentino Products have been the go to for high risk and high security.