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ModuForm began making rotationally molded seamless, foam filled furniture more than 40 years ago. Our seating is homogeneous in color, puncture, tear and fluid resistant and is the perfect solution for high-traffic, demanding environments. The one-piece foam core is made from our specially formulated, two part, high density polyurethane providing for comfortable, safe and secure lounge areas. The leather-textured exterior skin cleans easily and will withstand bleach-based cleaners and other harsh detergents to aid in the control of harmful bacteria and bloodborne pathogens. The chairs are bulky, difficult to lift, will withstand abusive and deliberately destructive behaviors and are ligature resistant.


High-impact, abuse resistant black plinth base with full perimeter gasket.
Skin is 100% homogeneous pigmented color rather than just simply painted on the skin surface.
Vinyl can be cleaned with mild detergents, steam and can be sanitized with bleach-based agents.
Seamless design repels fluids and is easily cleaned.
Single piece foam core is poured under pressure into cavity of cushion and fully bonds to the internal wall of the skin while it solidifies.
Vinyl is available in two thicknesses: 200 mil and 250 mil.
Flame retardant and self extinguishing | Passes CAL TB 133.
No frames, no springs, no seams, no exposed edges and no hard surfaces.
Exterior skin is leather textured offering a pleasing appearance and greater comfort.
Puncture, scratch and tear resistant.
Base features pre-formed corner risers to avoid entrapment of fluids or grit.



Molded Armless Chair | Grade 7 - 200 mils Thick
30"d / 30"w / 30"h
Seat height: 16"
Weight: 90lbs


Moduform Armless Chair | Grade 9 - 250 mils Thick
30"d / 30"w / 30"h
Seat height: 16"
Weight: 100lbs