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ModuMaxx X base tables are offered in a full range of sizes and shapes. Moduform’s unique metal to metal fastening system allows for the base and top to be bolted together. This level of meticulous engineering provides you with an added level of safety, security and resiliency in continuous use areas where performance is critical. The one-piece molded base is high-impact and abuse resistant while being easily cleaned. Should you need to add weight, ballasting material can be added safely and securely.


ModuMaxx X Base is molded high-impact, rigid polyethylene.
Base is sealed and seamless making it safe, easy to clean, pick, kick and puncture resistant.
Base can be ballasted with added weight if necessary.
Easily cleaned with steam, bleach-based and other detergents.
Polyethylene is fully pigmented material which conceals and scuffs or scratches.
No seams, springs, or other components that can break down or become detached.
Design to provide individual space while seated.
Available in plain or game top | Heavy duty bumper or pressure fused pick proof resin edge.



42" Diameter Table | X-Base
42"d / 29.5"h
Weight: 92lbs


36" x 36" Table | X-Base
36"d / 36"w / 29.5"h
Weight: 80lbs


42" x 42" Table | X-Base
42"d / 42"w / 29"h
Weight: 94lbs