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Moxie delivers a decidedly safe, easily cleanable, secure and durable solution for the challenges inherently found in patient bedroom spaces.

Fabricated using our in-house rotational molding process, Moxie pieces are one-piece, designed to be ligature, fluid and puncture resistant while engineered durable to withstand intentionally abusive behaviors.

Using impact resilient, polyethylene, the textured surfaces are easily disinfected using bleach-based cleansers, steam and other commercial grade detergents to aid in the control of infections, viruses and bloodborne pathogens.

On the inside, Moxie is filled with a two-part structural polyurethane foam that adds rigidity while tempering noisy conduct to provide a more pleasant acoustical environment.

The bed deck features a unique fluid management system with embedded channels crowned both to the edges and ends to move unwanted contaminants out from under the mattress.

Additionally, the side rails are profiled so that ingress, egress or just simply sitting at the edge is easy and comfortable. The toe kick has been recessed allowing for easier access.

All corners and edges are rounded such that they meet the needs of the patient population by being safe and suitable for the necessary care and treatment.

Shelves on storage units are recessed to discourage climbing, while the top of the wall hanging units are sloped downward for increased visibility, cleanliness, safety and security.

All Moxie units are easily anchored in place utilizing our optional tamper-proof hardware that secures to the furniture and uses the customer’s own fasteners to affix units in place.

When looking for safe, respectful and humanizing solutions that reflect compassion and vigilance for patient welfare, Moxie’s features will deliver the necessary benefits to achieve positive behavioral outcomes.

Dimensions: 40″d x 84″w x 17.5“h



  • Material: Unique Blend of Linear Low Density Polyethylene.
  • Bed Deck: Integrated Complex Curved Channels for Fluid Management.
  • Side Rails: Sculptured Allowing for Easy Ingress and Egress.
  • Process: Rotationally Molded for One Piece Design.
  • Polyethylene: Non-Porous, Impact, Puncture, Pick, Fluid and Contraband Resistant.
  • Core: Structural and Rigid Polyurethane Foam for Stability and Noise Reduction.
  • Color: Uniform and Homogeneous and Includes UV Inhibitors to Reduce Fading.
  • Cleanability: Commercial Detergents, Steam or Bleach-Based Agents to Aid in Prevention of Bloodborne Pathogens, Viruses and Infections.
  • Seamless and Ligature Resistant Design.
  • Colors: Available in Standard ModuForm Molded Polyethylene Color Palette.
  • Certified Green for Healthier Indoor Environments.