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Suicide Prevention Jumpsuit Gown​​ by Argentino. This Jumpsuit Gown is part of our suicide prevention system, a product line which we released in 1989 being used in thousand of facilities around the world. Our product's are 100% Fire Retardant Inherent.

The specific difference between the regular gown and our jumpsuit gown is it is specifically designed for female inmates offering more privacy.

This product is also part of our "Signature Quilt Series" Our quilt pattern prevents the ability to tear our product into strips in the attempt of making ropes.

Used in Corrections, Psychiatric and hospital settings around the world.

Our Signature Quilt Series is all Made in Canada


Product Info:

  • Tear Resistant
  • Fire Retardant
  • Light Weight
  • Very Durable
  • Very Comfortable
  • Cannot be rolled up into a rope 
  • Machine Wash (60°C or 140°F) 
  • Tumble Dry (60°C or 140°F)