Suicide Prevention Mattress Cover With Zipper

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The Suicide Prevention Mattress Cover is crafted from a specialized, tear-resistant material designed to withstand intentional attempts at self-harm. The fabric is not only durable but also carefully selected to balance strength with comfort. The cover creates a protective barrier without compromising the overall sleeping experience for the individual.

Reinforced stitching along critical seams ensures the cover's longevity, adding an extra layer of security to prevent any attempts to compromise its integrity. The zipper, a central component of the design, is robust and strategically placed to discourage tampering while providing easy access for authorized personnel.

This product is also part of our "Signature Quilt Series" Our quilt pattern prevents the ability to tear our product into strips in the attempt of making ropes. 

Used in Corrections, Psychiatric and hospital settings around the world.

Our Signature Quilt Series is all Made in Canada

The Suicide Prevention Blanket from Argentino is designed especially for hospitals, prisons, mental health and behavioral care facilities, psychiatric institutions, and jails to help mitigate suicidal behaviors and prevent detained individuals on suicide watch from harming themselves and others.

Made from 5 layers of quilted Aramid Fabric part of our "Signature Quilt Series" with rounded corners, this sturdy anti-suicide blanket is impossible to roll or tear into a noose or weapon used for self-harm, helping to safely prevent suicide while maintaining modesty and ensuring the wearer remains warm and comfortable.

It is manufactured in Canada to ensure the highest possible quality.

Product Info:

  • Tear Resistant
  • Fire Retardant
  • Light Weight
  • Very Durable
  • Very Comfortable
  • Cannot be rolled up into a rope 
  • Machine Wash (60°C or 140°F) 
  • Tumble Dry (60°C or 140°F)